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Welcome the "The Art to Wear" ,  my name is Thierry Duguet, I am a Custom Hand Engraver. Following the old tradition of the miniaturists I ornate small objects and fashion what some may call art. Each creation is deliberately unique, and with your participation each will be the fruit of our combine efforts. Most of my creations involve both “bulino” * and “metal inlay” **. I engrave small objects such as: pendants, pills boxes, belt buckles, money clips, lighters, etc. Objects which are yours, object which represent your taste and personality, objects that you can touch and carry around. In a world where mass production is the norm you will be the sole owner of an unique item that will never be reproduced, never made again.

Note that each creation  is signed, numbered, and accompanied with an authenticating document. Pictures are taken and keep on files for future reference.

* Bulino engraving: Engraving high definition images by means of a small graver using hand force to produce micro lines or micro dots closely packed together in order to produce tonal density changes. This technique has the capability to define images very well in high detail and creates a great amount of realism

** Metal inlay: Inlay is the means of inserting precious metals such as Silver / Gold / Platinum into a base material such as steel. The process involves cutting out the pattern from the base material to the exact shape of the image to be inlaid. The depth of the cut out is relative to the thickness of the material being inlaid. After the cut out has been leveled, its surface is undercut to create random edges and the material to be inlaid is then hammered into place causing the precious metal to flow into the under-cutting edges.  The precious metal is then stoned and sanded flush with the base surface. The inlay is finally shade, using the “bulino” technique to give volume and realism to the animal.




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